What Is…

Lifestyle Domination from a FinDom perspective

The FinDom perspective means that I require tributes from all of My submissives. The lifestyle Domination part means that I am a real lifestyle Dominatrix, and I do not play a role. It means that while I require tributes from all who wish to serve Me, it is about more than just your money- a lot more!


The word comes from a combination of the words exploit and Dominatrix. Exploit, in this sense, has three meanings. It means to make use of, to use for one’s own ends, and to promote or advance oneself further through these means.


FinDom is short for financial domination. Financial Domination can take many forms. It could mean that a FemDom shows Her dominance through acquisition of a finslave’s money (taking it via blackmail, rinsing, etc). It is a pecuniary power exchange that emanates from the prestige our society gives to those with more wealth. It could mean that the finsub lives on a skeleton budget (as a form of masochism or humiliation) while everything beyond that goes to the Mistress so that Her life is more comfortable. Submitting financially can also be a show of reverence for the Domina, and it can be a form of worship especially for long-distance slaves. It can also take the form of a “tax” levied on a finsub for damn near anything the Domme can think up (small dick taxes are common).

Finslave/Finsub/Pay pig/Money slave/Human ATM/Cash cow

These first two terms stand for financial slave and financial sub respectively. All of the terms are monkiers given to the submissive people (usually males) who engage in FinDom interactions and service.


Conditioning is a form of training wherein you are brought into a mindset and behavior pattern that pleases Me. This is a highly individualized process, so it will be different for everyone.