The Mistress

I am naturally Dominant, and I have been a leader for quite some time. This includes those portions of life where one must operate within vanilla realms.

I am college educated. I have several college degrees along with academic accolades and awards under my heel. My intellect is sharp! I am well-traveled and I regularly leave the state and country for interesting destinations. I pick up all kinds of fun ideas along the way.

I am financially stable; thus, I am not dependent on submissive men for money. I take a FinDom perspective on lifestyle Domination because it’s something I find fun and because it is a submissive male’s place to serve the FemDom. I love being served by finsubs and domestic servants for the sheer thrill of it.

In addition to FinDom, I LOVE makeup and killer nails! Makeup fetish? You bet! I also love corsets and high heels.